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The Elevated Alpha Society Spartans
A Methodology and Community Aimed At Developing Cognitive Mastery and Living Intentionally

Are You Ready?

The Elevated Alpha Society Spartans is the next level of cognitive development and personal greatness training. 

Imagine having sight and never learning how to read.

People can function in the world without knowing how to read but consider how your life would be different if you had never learned this valuable skill-set.

Really think about all the advantages learning how to read has brought to you. It is something many of us take for granted.

Just because you have the ability to see doesn’t mean you know how to read. You had to LEARN to read.

Learning to read changed your life in ways you probably don’t even realize.

I’m going to tell you that just because you have a brain, it doesn’t mean you were ever taught how to use it.

NONE OF US were ever taught how to use our brain in a way that CREATES our FUTURE.

Instead we are taught to use our brain to store information. Which can be a useful tool.

But the brain is SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT!

Our thoughts and belief systems create our emotions, which drive the actions that give us all the results in our life. 

We literally create our life with our mind; consciously or unconsciously. 

The Elevated Alpha Society Spartans is a COGNITIVE MASTERY program.

It’s like a gym membership for your mental development.

What kind of mental development?

The kind that teaches you how to create the life of your dreams.


Kevin Aillaud Alpha Male Coach

You want MASSIVE results FASTER.

The Elevated Alpha Society Spartans is the FAST TRACK to developing the skill-set of cognitive mastery & emotional ownership. 

The Spartans focus on a different theme each month, all designed to help you help yourself be more effective in your career, relationships, and life.

You set aside 30-45 minutes for cognitive mastery development – just like going to the gym for your body.

Every day there is mind management work around the theme of the month.

PLUS, multiple coaching calls each week to keep you on track with the aims of the month and provide feedback for issues that come up in training.

A few of the monthly themes are:

How To Re-Write Your Past
How To Live Your Purpose
Becoming Your Future Self
Wealth Building and Management
Mastering Emotional Balance & Ownership
How To Believe New Things
Indomitable Self-Confidence
The Secret To Amazing Relationships


The Elevated Alpha Society Spartans is the daily dose of mind-work you want to get the results you’re ready to have in your life NOW!

What is the Elevated Alpha Society?

Society, by definition, is “an organization or club formed for a particular purpose or activity.”

The Elevated Alpha Society is the place for men who are ready to take the momentous leap into a new level of being – to live fully in their Alpha State.

This is an actual evolution in consciousness that will increase your success in life.

The Elevated Alpha Society is for men who are ready to learn a new way of thinking that will take their life to the next level, want causal coaching in a group setting, and to be a part of a community with other men who are pursuing achieving their personal best

This is where you will discover the truth about yourself

That you are capable of anything you can teach yourself to believe.

What Am I Paying For?

What Does My Membership to The Elevated Alpha Society Get Me?

  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Access to Ask Kevin ANYTHING at ANYTIME
  • The Elevated Alpha Society membership videos and worksheets
  • An extra Spartan call each week
  • Spartan Workbook to go with the theme of the month
  • Access to the Spartan Slack group

Weekly Group Coaching Calls
Once a week I host a call that everyone in The Elevated Alpha Society can get on. For this call, you will be required to ask a question ahead of time and show up to the call so I can put you on the call and coach you. These calls benefit everyone in the Society because while you are being coached, everyone gets to observe and see how the Universal Truth and The Model is utilized for your specific problem. All problems are the same – they are thoughts. When you get coached, everyone gets coached. When someone else gets coached, you get coached. We create solutions in our own life from our brother’s struggles.

During these calls, I can get 3-5 members coached in an hour. More information on how to submit a question for coaching is on the member website. The weekly group coaching calls vary in which day and what time they happen so that everyone can get on, even if you’re living in another country. I want to make sure everyone can access at least 2 calls a month, but it behooves you to attend all the calls you can.

These group coaching calls are open calls – I will take ANY question.

Access To The Head Coach (that’s me)
Most memberships don’t give you access to the creator and founder. The Elevated Alpha Society is not your typical membership. It is important to me that you understand and are able to apply the concept I teach in your life so that you can have all the results you deserve. These concepts can be complex so I am always available for questions and coaching.

If you have suggestions for future teaching or have issues that you want clarity on or even just have a quick question, being a member of The Elevated Alpha Society allows you to ask my anything at anytime.

The Elevated Alpha Society Membership Videos & Worksheets
The Elevated Alpha Society membership website is where you will find the coaching call schedule, Ask Kevin form, and recorded coaching videos from past calls. The membership website is also where I post additional instructional videos around specific issues that I’ve coached students on or have had students request teaching on. These are bonus videos and worksheets that you can browse through once you are a member of The Elevated Alpha Society. A few of the bonus video topics are: How to Never Fear Rejection Again, How to Never Feel Jealous, and How to Stop Watching Pornography.

(The membership website is constantly under development and new videos and worksheets are being added weekly).

Another Weekly Group Coaching Call
Once a week, I host a call that everyone in The Elevated Alpha Society can get on.

The Spartan calls are an additional call each week that focuses on the theme of the month. There is a beginner call on the 1st of each month that introduces the theme of the month and gives you instructions on how to do your daily mind management training. As a member of The Elevated Alpha Society Spartans, you effectively get TWO (2) causal coaching calls/week. A few of the monthly focus topics include, but are not limited to: TIME MANAGEMENT, THE POWER OF EMOTIONS, THE SECRET TO AMAZING RELATIONSHIPS, BELIEVING NEW THINGS, and HOW TO RE-WRITE YOUR PAST.

A Workbook For Each Month
The Spartans focus on a different theme each month. To guide you along with the cognitive development process, you will receive a workbook that introduces and instructs you on the basic premise of the monthly theme and provides daily self-study worksheets to train your brain to think the way you want it to. The workbook has daily and monthly assignments and worksheets in it for each month. The assignments vary based on the topic.

Access to The Elevated Alpha Society Spartan Slack Group
This is a private group that only The Elevated Alpha Society Spartans can access. Slack is like a Facebook group or forum where everyone can congregate and chat with each other. You can ask each other questions and discuss the theme of the month. This is where I will post information and answer questions about the theme of the month and where you can ask me anything, publicly or privately.

The Slack group is where the heart of the community exists. It is the power and life behind The Elevated Alpha Society Spartans. Every member has something to offer to one another. When you join the Society, you bring your life experience with you. We all want to hear where you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going! We share our success with each other and motivate each other to succeed.

I’m ready now – sign me up


Are You Ready To Hear About The RESULTS You’ll Get From Cognitive Mastery and The Elevated Alpha Society?

What are the results of cognitive mastery and emotional ownership?

Life is not what we’ve been told it is.

It is not a concrete, absolute construct.

We’ve been taught to live in fear-based, survival mode by other people who live in a fear-based, survival paradigm.

It’s like being told the world is flat by people who believe the world is flat because that’s what they were taught.

Then, one day, you discover the world is round.

Your brain burns A LOT of energy processing fear-based thoughts.

When you shift your consciousness to remove fear, you free up a tremendous amount of energy to CREATE.

Consider what that would take? What would you have to be thinking? What would you need to be feeling?


If it were so easy, everybody would already be doing it!

It takes TIME and EFFORT to learn the skill-set of cognitive mastery and live in the life of your dreams.

You have to be exposed to the complexity of life conditions that is required to make the shift and adapt the brain to solve the problems.

I recommend everyone spend AT LEAST a year in The Elevated Alpha Society to reap the full results of the inner shift.

The two most common, measurable results you achieve from COGNITIVE MASTERY are:

First, you are THE SAME in all situations.

Instead of the world impacting you, you make an impact on the world. You are simultaneously an immovable object and an unstoppable force. You are driven by your purpose, not by your circumstances.

Your purpose doesn’t change, even when your circumstances do.

Second, irrational FEAR disappears.

Some fear we need, like when your being chased by a bear. Flight or flight has to kick in – that’s an automated response to danger that the body will never let go of. Irrational fear, however, is not necessary and not a part of the Alpha State.

Fear of what other people think, fear of missing out, fear of the future (financial or sustenance), fear of failure.

These are fears that make us victims of circumstance.

These fears disappear.

Does this all sound ‘too good to be true’?

I want you to know right now that this is a limiting belief so many people share with you.

It’s precisely that limiting belief that prevent people from taking a shot at the opportunities that will change their lives and open them up to a better version of themselves.

We’ve been taught to live in the dark by people who are blind. 

We’ve been told to fill our brains with what to know and why to know it – and no one has bothered to tell us HOW to use it.

The reason is because they don’t know.

Just like we don’t point and laugh at our ancestors for believing the world was flat, we won’t blame our parents and teachers for giving us false information about the world either.

They just told us what they thought was true.

Turns out, they were wrong.

It’s ok – no big deal.

Now we get to make the choice – continue to believe the world is flat or discover and apply the truth.

The human species is making a momentous cognitive leap in consciousness.

The Elevated Alpha Society is on the forefront of that leap.

You might think the results I’ve described you are too good to be true, just like the people of the past thinking the world being round was a silly notion.

It doesn’t change the fact that these results are happening to people RIGHT NOW. 

Here’s the bottom line: living in your Alpha State isn’t simply the secret to having the life you want.

It’s also the secret to enjoying the life you have.

I don’t sell a service, brother – I provide a result.

The Elevated Alpha Society is a guaranteed result.

For a LIMITED TIME, I am Offering The Elevated Alpha Society Membership for $198/Month


I know this price is a steal – which is why it won’t last long.

I am offering this price to the first 100 men that join The Elevated Alpha Society.

When the price goes up, you won’t pay more.

Once you’re in, you’re in – I freeze your membership dues FOR LIFE.

Even if you leave and come back – you will ALWAYS pay $198/month.

Plan to be in The Elevated Alpha Society for ONE YEAR of your life and watch the world open up to you.

That’s less than $2400 for 12 months that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE PERMANENTLY!

The only question is:


month to month, cancel anytime

$19800per month
  • Join The Elevated Alpha Society Spartans
  • 8+ Group Causal Coaching Calls Per Month
  • Membership to The Elevated Alpha Society Website
  • Bonus Instructional Videos and Worksheets
  • Monthly Themed Training Focus (12/year)
  • Daily Workbook For Mind Management Training
  • Access To The Elevated Alpha Society Spartan Slack Group
  • Ask Kevin ANYTHING – You’re In The TRIBE!
  • Develop Cognitive Mastery
  • Establish Emotional Ownership
  • Transcend Irrational Fear
  • Reprogram Your Brain on Purpose
  • Live The Life You Are Meant To!