The Elevated Alpha Society Spartan Academy
A Community and Institution of Higher Learning Aimed At Developing Cognitive Mastery, Emotional Ownership, Personal Empowerment, and Intentional Living


The Elevated Alpha Society Spartan Academy is the next level of cognitive development and personal greatness training.
We are on the forefront of evolving the Human Consciousness and taking a Momentous Leap into the Future.

Our thoughts and belief systems create our emotions, which drive the actions that give us all the results in our life. 

We literally create our life with our mind; consciously or unconsciously. 

The Elevated Alpha Society Spartans Academy is a COGNITIVE MASTERY program.

It’s like a gym membership to train your brain to work for you instead of against you.

There is no other program that provides this form of personal and mental development.

What kind of mental development?

The kind that teaches you how to create the life you are meant to.


Are you constantly thinking about your past and having trouble letting go?

Do you believe you don’t have enough money or time or love in your life?

Do you find yourself procrastinating on tasks until the deadline or if there isn’t a deadline you end up quitting altogether?

Do you suffer from social anxiety, approach anxiety, or performance anxiety?

Are you a people pleaser and have trouble saying no to people (and when you do say no, do you feel guilty about it)?

Is making other people happy the only way you feel happy?

Have you ever been needy, clingy, or desperate in your relationships?

Do you have difficulty following through on the commitments you make to yourself?

Do you talk to yourself negatively about things you’ve done or talk yourself out of taking risks to get what you want?

Do you fear feeling rejected, jealous, or lonely?

Are you involved in unwanted actions that feel out of your control (like eating sugar, drinking to ‘loosen you up’, compulsive social media use, impulsive pornography viewing, or excessive TV watching)?

If you answered YES to even ONE of these questions, the Elevated Alpha Society Spartan Academy is for you!

The Spartan Academy is designed to help you help yourself be more effective, more confident, and more empowered so you get the results you’re ready to have in your life NOW!


What is the Spartan Academy?

The Elevated Alpha Society Spartan Academy is an Institution of Higher Learning where you will develop the skills never taught to us because, until now, there has been no process for this type of personal development. 

As human develop individually and as a species, we undergo an oscillation of growth based on our bio-psycho-social potential. Our biology is determined by our genetics, our psychology is determines by our belief systems, and our social conditioning is determined by our life conditions. Most of us feel out of control of our lives because we don’t understand the Universal Truth for How Life Works and instead we abdicate our power over to our environment, our past, and other people.

Although this illusion feels very real, it is completely false and it is within our power as human beings to create the life we want though changing how we think about ourselves, other people, and the world around us. It is our beliefs systems that determine our reality and our life.

This program is an actual evolution in consciousness that will increase your success in life.

The Spartan Academy is for men who are ready to learn a new way of thinking that will take their life to the next level, want causal coaching to be able to observe their cognition in an objective way, and to be a part of a community with other men who are pursuing achieving their personal greatness

This is where you will discover the truth about yourself.

This is where you will learn that you are capable of anything you can teach yourself to believe.

What Does The Spartan Academy Consist Of?

  • Weekly on-line classes (webinars) that you can attend live and ask questions
  • Weekly Group Coaching (speed coaching done in a group format)
  • Unlimited Office Hours (one-on-one coaching) with me
  • Spartan Textbook that introduces the Theme of The Month 
  • Spartan Workbook Daily Self-Study to go with the Theme of The Month
  • Access to the Spartan Slack group where you can DM me any time
  • Access to the Elevated Alpha Society Website where all the recorded videos of webinars and the calendar of event can be found
  • The Elevated Alpha Society membership videos and worksheets

Weekly On-Line classes
Each week I host an on-line class that you will receive a 24-hour notice and 1-hour notice for directly to your email. These classes are webinars that are held via Zoom. Each class follows the Theme of The Month and are aimed at developing and educating the student in Future-Focused Thinking (week 1), Amazing Relationships (week 2), Indomitable Self-Confidence (week 3), and Intentional Behavior (week 4). Each class is scheduled and posted to the calendar (found on the website) a month in advance.
The classes are taught live and are at least 60 minutes in length (45-50 minutes of instruction followed by a Q&A). Some classes go over an hour, depending on the number of questions asked after the lecture. Students can ask questions by raising their hand and being ‘called up’ (brought onto the webinar to ask their question live in front of the class) or via the chat, which I will read and answer at the end of the class.
If you can not attend the class due to scheduling conflicts, you can still watch the recorded version that is uploaded to the website and ask any questions you have via the Elevated Alpha Society Slack group by sending me a DM at any time (for more information on the Slack group, see below).

Weekly Group Coaching
Each week there is an opportunity for students to receive speed coaching – causal coaching in a group format. These group coaching calls are weekly and offer a different topic for coaching. Topics include money and business, relationships, the Model of Alignment, buffering, and many more. These calls are scheduled and announced to all students and if you want to be coached on these calls, you will have the opportunity to reserve your spot during the call. In a 60 minute group coaching call, 4-5 students can be coached on their personal struggles.
Since these coaching calls are in a group format and recorded, every student receives benefit from hearing and watching their teammates get coaching. Having the Universal Truth and The Model of Alignment applied directly to your life is invaluable. Observing it as it relates to a struggle someone else is going through (especially when you are experiencing a similar issue), helps you remain objective within your own subjectivity. This also provides insight and introspection and is a huge game-changer.

Unlimited Office Hours (Add On – Limited to 30 Students)
Office hours is one-on-one coaching time with me. I call them office hours because they are similar to meeting with an instructor privately, for tutorship, further instruction, or clear up any unclear concepts. However, the content of the coaching is 100% up to the student. Whatever you want coaching on is what we will discuss during this time. Causal coaching to find the root of a problem is, to date, the most effective way to develop cognitive mastery, emotional ownership, and personal empowerment. Students can present with anything they are struggling with including, but not limited to: relationship issues, creating a business, time management and procrastination, thought-patterns and belief systems (improving self-image and dealing with perfectionism, as examples), habit changes (starting a food protocol or exercise regimen or quitting smoking or pornography), and social/approach anxiety. Students have found months of coaching has been more effective in creating efficient and permanent change than YEARS of conventional therapy.
Office hours are booked via a scheduling app and are first-come, first served. All sessions are 20-minutes long and are available on the half hour (allowing me a 10 minute buffer time between students). The scheduling link is sent out every Sunday morning and can also be found on the Elevated Alpha Society Member website and in the EAS Slack group. Student can book as many sessions as they choose, most tend to prefer weekly sessions.

Spartan Textbook And Workbook For Each Month (Available Separately As a DIY Option)
The Elevated Alpha Society Spartan Academy focuses on a different theme each month. To guide you along with the cognitive development process, you will receive a textbook that introduces and instructs you on the basic premise of the monthly theme and a workbook that provides daily self-study worksheets to train your brain to think the way you train it to. The workbook has daily, weekly, and monthly assignments and worksheets in it for each month. This is 365 days of self-study work that aims at teaching the skills of cognitive mastery & emotional ownership.
Each textbook/workbook is around 100 pages in length and the content is similar to but goes beyond what I teach in The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. Consider the textbook content to be equivalent to a textbook you would buy for any college class you would enroll in and the workbook is the homework (although there is never anything to show me and nothing that will be graded) or follow-up work to help the concepts discussed in the textbook to be applied in your daily life. The Spartan Textbook and Workbook are emailed directly to you at the beginning of each month and can also be found on the EAS Membership website.
Some of the Themes we focus on are Cognitive Mastery, Emotional Ownership, Time Management, The Secret To All Relationships, How to Find Your Purpose, and How To Accomplish Any Goal.
The Textbook/Workbook can be purchased in month-to-month format if you choose to do the work on your own – for only $49/month!

The Elevated Alpha Society Spartan Academy Slack Group
This is a private group that only the Spartans enrolled in the Academy can access. Slack is an application that is similar to a forum where everyone can congregate and chat with each other. Spartans can ask each other questions and discuss the theme of the month. There are success stories, shared models, and a place for Spartans to host there own Zoom calls with each other (a feature created and maintained by the students themselves)! The Slack group is also where I pass information, upload worksheets, and announce any updates to the website (like when recordings are uploaded). There are also links to schedule office hours and find the dates and times for upcoming on-line classes (webinars).

The Slack group is where you can send me Direct Messages, or DM’s, which are like text messages. If you ever have any questions or comments about the Spartan Academy, you can ask me in Slack.
The Slack group is where the heart of the community exists. It is the power and life behind the Spartan Academy. Every member has something to offer to one another. When you join the Spartan’s, you bring your life experience with you. Although it is never required, we all want to hear where you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going! We share our success with each other and motivate each other to succeed.
As each Spartan grows into more of who they are and leaves behind the limiting beliefs that holds us back, we make the transformation from our animal state of doing (the Beta Condition) to our human state of being (the Alpha State). When this transformation is made individually, we d=bond together to create a tribe of Alphas.
The Slack group is that on-line tribe!

The Elevated Alpha Society Membership Website, Videos, and Worksheets
The Elevated Alpha Society Membership website is where you will find the class (webinar) schedule, Theme of The Month Textbook and Workbook, recorded videos from past on-line classes, the link to schedule office hours with me, and much more! The membership website also has an extensive video library, books, and worksheets that range in topics around specific issues that current and former Spartan’s have had and request teaching and training on. These are bonus videos and worksheets that you can browse through once you are a member of The Elevated Alpha Society. A few of the bonus video topics are: How to Never Fear Rejection Again, How to Transcend Jealousy, and How to Stop Watching Pornography Forever.

(The membership website is constantly under development and new videos and worksheets are always being uploaded).


Are You Ready To Hear About The RESULTS And BENEFITS You’ll Get From Cognitive Mastery, Emotional Ownership, and The Spartan Academy?

Cognitive Mastery & Emotional Ownership are the SKILLS you learn at the Spartan Academy.

These SKILLS create four (4) RESULTS. Each RESULT has several BENEFITS, some of which overlap. When each Spartan unlocks his personal greatness, the benefits that he receives are personal, however, there are some common benefits.

The four (4) RESULTS of cognitive mastery & emotional ownership are:

Future-Focused Thinking
Amazing Relationships
Indomitable Self-Confidence
Mastery Over Your Behavior


No more procrastination – tasks are completed early
Abundant money mindset – more money
Abundant time mindset – more time
Take more risks, more action, and achieve more
Results of action isn’t tied to self-worth
Re-write and let go of your past
Prove to yourself you can accomplish things you didn’t think you could before
No more ‘inherent’ strengths and weaknesses – only things you want to learn and things you don’t
Try new things often
Your dreams become your reality – a dream with a date becomes a goal, a goal broken down into steps becomes a plan, a plan backed by consistent action becomes a result (your life)


No more lying or showing up without authenticity
No more people pleasing or manipulating to get people to behave a certain way (so you can ‘be happy’)
No more trying to control, change, or fix other people
You stop taking what other people do or say personally – no longer offended or hurt by other people’s actions
No more needy, clingy, or desperate behavior
You are able to say ‘no’ and not feel guilty when you do
You think less about what other people think about you and more about what you think about yourself
No longer feel lonely, jealous, or rejection based on the actions of other people


No more social, approach, or performance anxiety
You become your own best friend and always have your own back
Build trust in yourself, keep your word, and have integrity in your commitments
Able to feel any emotion without fear (resisting, avoiding, or reacting)
Self-confidence is your natural state-of-being in all situations
Talk to more people
Take more risks
Believe beyond your current capabilities and capacities


Eliminate all buffering/escaping
Eliminate impulsive/compulsive actions
Only do what you want to do
Never do what you don’t want to do
Conscious of how your actions serve you (create your results)
Better physical health (no more buffering and take actions that love your body)
Better mental health (no more obsessive thinking and over-desire

Does this all sound ‘too good to be true’?

I want you to know right now that this is a limiting belief so many people share with you.

It’s precisely that limiting belief that prevents people from taking a shot at the opportunities that will change their lives and open them up to a better version of themselves.

We don’t know what we don’t know.

For a large portion of human history, we all thought the world was flat.

Turns out, we were wrong.

But it’s not like someone said, “Hey, the world is round!”, and everyone just said, “Oh, yeah, you’re right!”

It took years for people to experience the truth for themselves.

The human species is making a momentous leap in consciousness.

The Elevated Alpha Society Spartan Academy is on the forefront of that leap.

You might think the results I’ve described you are too good to be true, just like the people of the past thinking the world being round was a silly notion.

It doesn’t change the fact that these results and benefits are happening to people RIGHT NOW. 

Here’s the bottom line: learning the skills of cognitive mastery & emotional ownership isn’t simply the secret to having the life you want.

It’s also the secret to enjoying the life you have.

I don’t sell a service, brother – I provide a result.

The Elevated Alpha Society Spartan Academy is a guaranteed result.

Here is what other people are saying about the
Elevated Alpha Society Spartan Academy
and working with Kevin…

I no longer feel anxiety or stress as a result of potential conflict as the circumstance is just neutral as you say. I decide what thoughts and emotions I want to feel about the situations and this has been an instant shift in changing my mind-set. I feel mentally calm, confident and strong and I now deal with most situations in a calm and thoughtful manner. I even sleep better as I feel I no longer hold stress in my body.
Shaun Veenswyk

The application of the Universal Truth has seriously changed my life; as well as the lives of those around me who I have bestowed the knowledge upon. I finally feel like I have control over everything in my life, and letting go of the actions of other people, the negativity of my past, and my anxious fears of the future, have allowed me to feel a sense of freedom I never thought possible. You’re the man dude.

Dominick Wendt
I know the work is just scratching at the surface but, for me, it has already performed miracles. Literally. It is like someone has finally turned the lights on.
Thank you my brother.
Peter Almond
Your material is INCREDIBLE! I too suffered from abuse and trauma at a young age and so now (I’m 21) trying to forge a life with good relationships and healthy mind Set has been difficult BUT your work and coaching are just. FUCKING. INVALUABLE!! You are awesome thanks for all your work you do.
Thanks again brother!
Andre Brandon Tumanako

Thank you brother for what you are doing, after listening to your podcast a few months ago to joining your group. It’s turned my life around completely. I’m constantly examining my thoughts and allowing myself to feel my emotions with curiosity!

Ismael Navarro

It’s exciting how one can take control of one’s life through cognitive mastery and become Alpha.

Drexel Jr. Canasa
Kevin is the man! He is a remarkable teacher and coach who will guide you through the process of self discovery and improvement. Since I started working with him, I have better control and understanding over almost every aspect of my life. My relationships are better, my business is absolutely thriving and my mood is generally much improved. You have to be willing to put in some work, but Kevin will make that easy for you with the daily self study material, and the results are telling. You will not be disappointed!
Marc Weaver

Working with Kevin has been an incredible experience and an integral part of my personal growth. In learning and applying the model of the universal truth and joining the spartan academy, I have learned how to love myself, love others unconditionally, and evolve in the realm of cognitive mastery. I am more at peace then I have ever been, I have created a life in which I am truly happy, and am much more understanding and less judgmental of both myself and others. I would highly recommend joining the academy for anyone who is looking to grow in the areas of confidence, understanding of one self and others, and evolving into the higher being that they know resides inside of them.

Brent Smith

Kevin is an awesome guy! Great coach, great listener, and genuinely cares about his students. I was able to really change my perspective on a lot of issues in my life.

Shannon Bhatia

I thought my life was good before my brother stayed with me over the summer. Every day we talked about mind management and emotional ownership. Just talking with him began to change my mindset and my life. After he left, I saw the results I had gained with him start to slip, so I joined the Spartans and started my Agoge – it’s been eye opening! You really don’t know what you don’t know and I realized I didn’t know A LOT about how great life can be! I am proud to call Kevin my brother and my coach.

Luke Aillaud

Since I made this decision I have totally different mindset. I show up more. I am way more confident and I have improved my relationships with nearly everyone. Listening to podcast is a great think, but being part of Spartan Academy is absolute game changer for everyone. I am surprised how 30 minutes of daily work can change your life to next levels!

George Michael

It has only been 4 months into the Spartan Academy – in the first 35 days of 2021, I was able to create the same level of income that I was paid annually in my first salaried corporate job.  This came about by believing in myself, identifying what it was that I wanted, and then taking action every day to create it.  I couldn’t have done this without the help from Kevin and his Elevated Alpha Society program.  I am so thankful I made the decision to work with him and the group of Spartans.  I’m looking forward to the rest of 2021!

Jay Chekansky

This program has taught me a foundation of skills that I will take with me for the rest of my life. This is more than a life coaching service. It is a pathway to continuous self discovery. One of the most important lessons I learned from this program is self discovery comes from within; not outside of you. It is a shift from a state of ‘doing’ to ‘being.’ I consider Kevin one of the greatest teachers and mentors there is. Thank you, Kevin.

Josh Dafoe

All I can say is I couldn’t be more grateful to have found Kevin and his work. Its not a magic pill and it takes work and time, but what I’ve learned is life-changing. I have a strong feeling that with this work over time I will have all the things I’ve always dreamed of, and its a certainty in my mind. That alone is worth any price. Do the work and results will follow

Naum Shuminov

Enroll In The Elevated Alpha Society Alpha Academy for as little as $555/Month!

Enroll In The Alpha Academy 1.0 Program and Begin Learning The ONE SKILL You Were Never Taught Yet Is The Most Critical For Self-Knowledge and Intentional Results:



Enrollment into the Alpha Academy is UNLIMITED!

The Alpha Academy is an Institution of Higher Learning.

Plan to enroll in The Elevated Alpha Society Alpha Academy for at least TWO YEARS of your life and watch the world open up to you.

That’s less than $7,000 for 12 months that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE PERMANENTLY!

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full program w/ 1-on-1 coaching, month-to-month

$55500per month
  • Enroll In The Elevated Alpha Society Spartan Academy
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  • Weekly On-Line Classes (Webinars)
  • Membership to The Elevated Alpha Society Website
  • Bonus Instructional Videos and Worksheets
  • Monthly Themed Textbook (12/year)
  • Daily Workbook For Mind Management Training
  • Access To The Elevated Alpha Society Spartan Slack Group
  • Ask Kevin ANYTHING – You’re In The TRIBE!
  • Develop Cognitive Mastery
  • Establish Emotional Ownership
  • Transcend Irrational Fear
  • Reprogram Your Brain on Purpose
  • Shift From Past-Focused To Future-Focused Thinking
  • Create Amazing Relationships In Your Life
  • Build Indomitable Self-Confidence
  • Master Your Behavior
  • Live The Life You Are Meant To!

Still not sure?

Book a 45-minute consultation call with Kevin to ask any questions about the program and get a coaching session!